Our friends from Headis initiated the Charity Project “Headição” and visited lots of institutions to bring sports to underprivileged kids and young adults. Here you can check them out:

In October once again South Africa is to destination of the beatiful Project! Headis and HesherBall both have their origin in Kaiserslautern, made by the same team. So we take the HesherBall Sets to our trips and donate them to the different institutions. As HesherBall is build up so fast and two sets are enough to make a whole class have fun together it was more than clear to us to bring HesherBall to Headição!

Arschbolzen für den guten Zweck

And now the best part. Headis Inventor René once more does not consider himself too good for getting footballs fired at his butt! As always you can donate any amount you want. For each 5€ there will be one shot taken. Everybody who donates 5€ or more will be mentioned in the video to see if “his” shots hit René. Here you can straight up support the action!