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HesherBall – The dexterous game for everywhere!

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Turn off your TV – play some HesherBall! The innovative tabletop game for the whole family can be set up at nearly any table wihitin minutes. With its dynamic and simple rules HesherBall provides activatond, playful and uncomplicated fun for inside and outside.

– Ideal to be played at home, during school breaks, at a camping trip or basically anywhere you have a table
– Easy to set up within 5 minutes
– Low motoric requirements so even young kids can have fun
– Bring excercising into your everyday life in a fun way
– Small dimensions – easy to stow away or transport
– No player limit

Regardless whether you play in your living room or your garden with your family, in school with your classmates, during your camping trip or at a holiday camp with your friends – the compact and portable HesherBall-Set is always at your side. Due to the low motoric requirements, the simple rules and high dynamics, HesherBall offers fun and action for everyone. The balls are covered with protecting velor to avoid damaging your table.

Table dimensions

If you play with adults, the table should be at least 80 cm wide. For children a width of 60 cm is sufficient, which results in minimum size of the table of 100 x 60 cm. The maximum size of the table is 200 x 140 cm. The tabletop should not be thicker than 6.6 cm.

Table not included.


Additional information

Weight 3,4 kg
Dimensions 35 × 29 × 14 cm


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